The ominous warning has become part of our vernacular due to the immense popularity of HBO’s “Game of Thrones”.  Visions of all the dead coming for all the living.  The White Walker’s, icy blue stare portends danger.  

Well in a real sense winter is coming and likely will not be as horrible as all that.  Still, winter can harm us and our property by its very nature.  There are things to consider.  There are actions to take, for winter is coming.

Let’s consider the following:

What is the condition of your foundation?  Filling in cracks, crevices and gaps can save you money by helping keep out weather and keep in heat.  Save your money.  Save the planet.

When did you last have your chimney cleaned?  Is the cap intact?  Is the damper, firebox and liner in working condition? 

What about the gutters? The whole reason we clean them is to prevent ice dams that hold snow back on a roof.  It’s not obvious until the first huge snowfall and the news of collapsed roofs are a staple on the local news.  It’s so much easier to clean a gutter than remove tons of snow. 

What about your trees?  Do limbs hang over your driveway, your house?  The pine trees are weakened on the Cape.  They are heavy and dangerous.  It’s worth every penny to have a tree service come by and do some trimming.

What about your boxwoods and other greenery?  Sometimes folks wrap them to prevent branch breakage,others use an A frame type of structure.  It’s worth a conversation with your landscaping service and less costly than replacing damaged shrubs in the spring.  Get some burlap and twine and help your plants live to see another spring.

Yes winter is coming. It’s less frightening when you have afforded yourself peace of mind. Some inspection and maintenance will have you in the best shape to deal with any White Walkers or an army of the dead!